H6 MultiAxis Drives Drives & Automation

H6 (MultiAxis Drives)

The modular drive technology: KEB COMBIVERT H6

KEB COMBIVERT H6 is the new product family for multi-axis solutions with the following modular components:

  • Power supply
  • Active front end - power supply and regeneration
  • Single-axis drive units
  • Double-axis drive units
  • 24 V DC-supply unit
  • Embedded IEC 61131-3 control unit
  • Fieldbus adaptation
  • Multi-encoder-interface
  • 24 V brake control
  • Integrated safety system

Features and benefits at a glance:

  • Space-saving design of a multi-axis drive system
  • Load share via protected DC bus link
  • Significantly reduced wiring and installation
  • Integrated Soft-PLC-, Motion- and NC- control
  • Integrated 24 V DC supply
  • Standardized connection technology simplifies handling
  • Integrated two-level safety systems
  • Innovative central cooling solutions for heat dissipation outside the control cabinet
  • Improved quality and lifetime by means of active DC bus capacitor cooling
  • Central operation concept for the complete system
  • Standardized programming tools with diagnostics


  • Plastic All Electric Injection/Blow molding machines
  • Electronics Line Shaft for printing machines
  • Machine Tools (SPM’s)