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Continuous Shear Control along with Servo for shifter, Cut To Length line control....

Continuous Shear:

Continuous shears are used in high speed bar mill. This is a low inertia shear and rotating continuously by induction motor. The divertor tube driven by servo motor is moved to cut the bar of desired length. The bar is coming continuously from the rolling mill and every time when divertor is moved the bar gets cut under the continuously rotating blades. In this case the bar is cut into pieces of desired length. The accuracy of cut length is very important. For this purpose Bharat Bijlee gives solution with BBL make induction motor fitted with absolute encoder for driving cutter blades, KEB drive with position synchronisation feature for induction motor, servo drive with servo motor for divertor tube, multi axis controller for axis control, touch screen HMI and field sensor. On sensing the front end of the bar the blade motor is put in position synchronisation with bar movement. This gives very good cut accuracy even for 1st cut.

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