F5 Multi Drives Drives & Automation

F5-Multi Drives (Rating upto 900kw)

F5-Multi Drives (Rating upto 900kw)

Open-loop and closed-loop drive controller for synchronous servo motors and asynchronous motors…

  • Wide power range for 230 V /400 V & 690V connection
  • Either AC or DC connection
  • Optimal characteristics at the motor shaft in different application areas with KEB-SMM (Sensorless motor management)
  • 29 plug-in control terminals, PNP- / NPN logic switchable
  • 2 analog inputs 0 … 10 V, ±10 V, 0 / 4 … 20 mA
  • 2 programmable analog outputs 0 … ±10 V
  • 8 programmable digital inputs
  • Programmable outputs: 2 x relay, 2 x transistor
  • 4 programmable software inputs/outputs
  • 8 free-programmable parameter sets including S-curves, ramp stop, power-o_ -function, DC-braking, PID controller, electronic motor protection, brake control, internal counter input, output frequencies up to 1600 Hz, output voltage control, switching frequencies up to 16 kHz, output phase monitoring, energy saving function
  • Scan time of the control terminals in 2 ms-time pattern
  • ± DC-link connection, motor-PTC evaluation, hardware current limit
  • Internal brake chopper (series up to housing size G, option from housing size H)
  • Controlled positioning to end position/counter pulse
  • Optional: execution in accordance with EN 954-1 protection category 3: protection against unintended restart

The frequency inverter KEB COMBIVERT F5 Multi is equipped with all functions and characteristics and furthermore especially prepared for closed-loop operation.Very flexible because of plug-in feedback cards:

  • Resolver
  • Incremental encoder, initiator
  • Sin/Cos encoder
  • Absolute encoder
  • Hiperface®, EnDat®
  • BISS or Tacho

Decentralized automation in the drive actuator with standard functions relieves superior control systems and create clear, compact programs.

  • speed and torque control
  • position control
  • synchronous speed control
  • electronic gear or customer-specific solutions such as
    • cam switch - rotary table positioning
    • register function - contouring control
    • single-axis positioning


  • Plastic (Injection/Blow molding machines for servo pumps)
  • Plastic all electric Injection/Blow molding machines
  • Plastic extrusion m/c (Pipe & blown film plants)
  • Plastic recycling machines & Thermoforming m/c
  • Machine Tools (SPM’s, High speed spindles, CNC mc )
  • Packaging machines
  • Steel & metal (Flying shear/continuous shear)
  • Metal (Wire drawing machines/ Slitting machines)
  • Test benches (for testing gearboxes, pumps, motors etc).
  • Textiles machines (Ring frame/ flatbed printing/ Sizing/Draw frame/ Texturizing/Dyeing m/c/Laundry machines….)
  • Crane & material handling
  • Storage & retrieval system
  • Elevators (including PMSM motors)
  • Fan/pumps/compressors (with pressure feed back control)