Special Features Transformers

Special Features

The short circuit withstand capability of a power transformer is of prime importance. We ensure this through the adoption of a unique clamping arrangement of the windings at accurately determined pre-stress levels.

For primary voltages of 132 kV and 220 kV, the ability of windings to withstand system transients and lightning surges is of vital importance.

The insulation design and quality of materials used, ensure that our product withstands these stringent test requirements up to a BIL of 1050 KVP when tested in accordance with the national /international /client-specific standards.

To us, testing means much more than meeting the contractual and standard obligations. We have devised several in-process tests to ensure quality and reliability of our product in service. We have a variety of testing equipment, full-fledged NABL Accredited laboratories and a trained technical team to deliver quality product and services on a regular basis to the satisfaction of our customers.