Quality Assurance Transformers

In our manufacturing philosophy, Quality is a way of life. Quality Assurance starts from the selection of the most suitable raw materials.

Every material and component has an in-house acceptance norm to ensure reliability. The specification clearly indicates the characteristics and tests to be carried out for verification of quality and reliability.

High standard of quality in manufacture is achieved by a thorough awareness of the required standards by an independent quality assurance department. Consistency in manufacture and process is achieved through specific guidelines available for use by production personnel and by Q. A .inspectors.

Core and Coil assembly of 100 MVA - 220KV class Transformer

The Q. A. department continuously checks the manufacturing processes and ensures rigid compliance to specification and guidelines.

Transformer test facility and material testing laboratory

Quality control activity is augmented substantially by a well equipped laboratory and transformer test control desk.

A test bay capable of carrying out tests specified in various national / international standards ensures that every transformer is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory.

The feedback received from the after Sales services enables continuous improvement of product quality.

Our testing equipment is manufactured by world renowned companies like Megger International, Tinsley, Raytech, Biddle, Evershed and Vignoles, Yokogawa, MWB, Measurement International, Siemens, AEG, Haefely etc.

1200KV, 90KJ, Impulse Voltage Generator

The instruments are regularly calibrated at independent Government recognized laboratories traceable to national/international standards to ensure accuracy of readings and data delivered by them during testing of our transformers.

Transformer Test Control Desk

Besides routine test facility as per national/international standards, we have in-house testing facilities for conducting following type / special tests:

  • Lightning/switching impulse
  • Temperature rise
  • Zero phase sequence impedance
  • Measurement of harmonic analysis of no load current
  • Measurement of acoustic noise level
  • Measurement of capacitance and tan delta
  • Partial Discharge
  • Recurring Surge Oscillograph
  • Sweep Frequency response analysis
  • Dissolved gas analysis
  • Test on transformer oil
  • Dew point measurement
Gas Chromatograph
Oxidation Stability Test Apparatus


Stages of Inspection