C6 Drives & Automation

Programmable Multi Axis Controller C6

KEB COMBICONTROL C6 is the new line of motion control solution, focused to high dynamic drive oriented applications.

For example, wire drawing machine or bar mill with multi stand configuration needs precision in tension regulation; all require a component in the integrated solution which can achieve these functions and communicate at high speed with the drive downstream and upstream to the PLC.

KEB provides the C6 controller which completely fulfils this need. Based on the integrated EtherCAT master protocol the KEB Combicontrol C6 offers high speed serial communication for multi axis operation with inverter drives or servo drives. C6 also offers variety of Digital as well as Analog I/O’s connected on the fast EtherCAT serial bus for faster data acquisition and control.

  • Programming IEC61131-3 software with utilities offered by CoDeSys V3 core
  • Drive bus connection over EtherCAT for multi Axis control
  • Field bus communication
  • Simple connection for remote I/O components
  • Also, available in Box IPC’s and Panel IPC’s for high integration of control and visualisation