F6-K Drives & Automation

F6-K Drives

KEB COMBIVERT F6-K - Power Range

The device features a particularly compact design and has been optimised for the use of individual machine axes and equipment. KEB COMBIVERT F6-K covers the power ranges 1.5 kW to 900 kW. KEB COMBIVERT F6-K frequency inverters follow the principle ONE FOR ALL. Capable of functioning as a Closed-loop drive without a separate feedback device in the following operating modes:

  •  ASCL - Sensorless control of asynchronous motors (induction/squirrel cage) (Asynchronous Sensorless Closed Loop)
  • SCL - Sensorless control of synchronous motors permanent magnet including an universal feedback card, the KEB COMBIVERT F6-K adds:
    • FOR field-oriented control of asynchronous motors with encoder feedback
    • Closed loop servo motors and open loop operations with enhanced features.
    • All operating modes are selectable by software.

Control units

A new generation of high-performance 32-bit micro controller provides universal internal and external control functions such as:

  • Speed control ? current control grid 125 us
  • Torque control ? speed controller 250 us
  • Internal positioning module ? bus cycle < 1 ms
  • Position mode ? digital input scan: 250 us
  • External supply 24 V DC ? analog input scan: 250 us
  • Motor adaptation with standstill position detection
  • Analog input modes: 0 … +/-10 V
  • Switching frequencies up to 16 kHz 0 … +/- 20 mA, 4 … +/- 20 mA

The 2-channel STO safety function and all analog and digital I/Os, including the CAN interface, as pluggable connections.

Universal feedback interface

The KEB COMBIVERT F6-K provides excellent flexibility for control tasks. The control card contains two input channels that support the following sensor types:

  • Resolver
  • Incremental TTL encoder
  • BISS
  • SSI
  • SinCos
  • Endat 2.1 and 2.2
  • Hiperface

Preassembled cables, suitable for stationary or flexible applications, make installation easy, and minimise wiring faults.