Packaging Drives & Automation

Packaging technology

Driven by the highest standard, the C6 provides repeatability , fast bus cycle times and easy handling of function blocks. Simple adjustments of electronic cams on-the-fly allow countless synchronous movements. Fast input and outputs allow print registration control and cam-switch operation, matching the application’s need. The flexibility of the system allows optimum design for your machine. The open platform allows the integration of camera systems , printers and barcode scanners.

For the visualization and machine operation, a variety of HMI solutions with different IP protection classes are available, including such finishes as stainless steel. The visualisation offers a variety of options such as recipe management, web servers and data recording.

  • CAM Curve switch, adjust curve on the fly
  • CAM Curve online and offline processing
  • Various interpolation methods
  • Winding tension control with inertia
  • compensation
  • Print mark detection / compensation
  • Forming / Sealing temperature control
  • related to product and speed
  • Synchronised dynamic filling functionality
  • Labelling of products
  • Cutting
  • Capping
  • Printing
  • Inserting
  • Palletising
  • Wrapping