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Test bench

Bharat Bijlee offers a complete solution for Test benches. The wide range of Automation products BBL offered are VFD’s (F5) up to 900Kw.Active front end (R6) up to 800 Kw, AC Induction motors, AC Servo motors, AC Asynchronous Servo motors, PLC’s for following test bench applications.

  • Motor test bench
  • Engine test bench
  • Pump test bench
  • Gear box test bench
  • Alternator test bench

An '''engine test stand''' is a facility used to develop, characterize and test engines. The facility, often offered as a product to automotive OEM’s, allows engine operation in different operating regimes and offers measurement of several physical variables associated with the engine operation.

A sophisticated engine test stand houses several sensors,[data acquisition features and to control the engine state. The sensors would measure several physical variables of interest which typically include:

  • Torque and angular velocity
  • Fuel consumption rates
  • Air-fuel ratio
  • Temperature and gas pressures

Information gathered through the sensors is often processed and logged through data acquisition systems. Actuators allow for attaining a desired engine state (often characterized as a unique combination of engine torque and speed).

==Engine test stand applications==

  • Research and Development of engines, typically at an OEM laboratory
  • Tuning of in-use engines, typically at service centers or for racing applications
  • End of production line at an OEM factory