Windmill Drives & Automation


Bharat Bijlee is at the forefront supplying components into the wind turbine industry. We can offer the right solution for your application.

Through the years, we have built a reputation for supplying the best possible solution for specific applications. This philosophy has led to the development of a revolutionary pitch drive system.

A pitch drive is used to adjust the rotor blades and regulate the power transmitted to the mechanical system. A more responsive pitch system allows the turbine to better react to constantly changing conditions. This puts less stress on the mechanical system and ultimately provides a better performing, longer-lasting wind turbine.

Here are a few examples why our pitch drive system is superior:

  1. Small footprint – Innovative heatsink allows for smaller cabinet and cost savings.
  2. Rugged design – Wide temperature ranges, special shock resistant features, etc.
  3. Dynamic response – Latest control technology provides the best pitch response.
  4. Powerful programming environment – Programmed in accordance to IEC 61131-3.
  5. Flexible communication – RS232 serial(user defined), ModbusTCP, option cards: Profibus,CANopen supported
  6. Integral RFI filter – Robust electrical system
  7. Precise Position Control – Flexible feedback interfaces; Including absolute SSI
  8. Single source – System components are optimized to operate together
  9. Integrated safety features – e.g. switchover to encoderless operation in case of encoder loss.
  10. Features as required – Braking resistor, fieldbus communications, 24VDC supply, battery monitoring, etc.