Compact Vector Control BL5 Series Drives & Automation


For over seven decades, Bharat Bijlee has been manufacturing and supplying energy efficient motors upto 1250kW. Since 2008, we also offer AC Variable Frequency Drives in partnership with KEB Automation, Germany.

In most industries that use motors for machinery there is a need for automation to achieve higher productivity, improve overall equipment efficiency and save energy. This is achieved by interfacing motors with AC Variable Frequency Drives that can vary the speed and torque of the motor to meet the application demand, besides reducing starting current kick and providing protection to the motor.

Many customers prefer combination package of motor and Variable Frequency Drive. It also ensures a single window for installation support, on-site service, repair, product training and provision of spares.

In order to meet growing demand of customers, we have introduced BBVERT BL52 and BL50 compact vector controlled AC VFDs that offer excellent reliability and superior performance. BL52 Drives are available from 0.4kW (1HP) to 110kW (150HP) in 3 phase/400V class range. For very low power applications BL50 series is available from 0.2kW (0.25HP) to 3.7kW (5HP) in 230V class (single phase/three phase) and from 0.4 kW (0.5HP) to 3.7kW (5HP) in 400 V class (three phase).

BL52 drives can be used for a variety of applications - fans, blowers, pumps, mixers, plastic machinery, conveyors, textile machinery, packaging machinery and more. Both BL52 and BL50 Drives are available through our sales partners and supported by our service centers across India.


  • BL52 VFD Ratings: 0.4kW to 132kW (1 HP to 150 HP) (400V class)
  • High speed Pulse input (50kHz) & Pulse Output signal (32kHz)
  • BL50 VFD Ratings: 0.4kW to 3.7kW (0.5 HP to 5 HP) (400V class)
  • Built in Modbus Communication protocol
  • BL50 VFD Ratings: 0.2kW to 3.7kW (0.25 HP to 5 HP) (200V class) Single/Three Phase
  • P20 Enclosure (Fan cooled)
  • Input AC Supply: 3 Phase, Range 380V - 480V (+ 10%, -15%); 50Hz/60Hz
  • Built in Brake Chopper upto 30kW for BL52 VFD (Above 30kW-oponal Brake Unit)
  • Input AC Supply: 1 Phase/3 Phase, Range 200V - 240V (+ 10%, -15%); 50Hz/60Hz
  • Drive Protections: Drive Output Short circuit, Under Voltage/Over Voltage, Overload, Over Temperature, Ground Fault, Current Hunting Prevention, Stall Prevention
  • Control Mode: V/F & Sensorless Voltage Vector Control (SVVC)
  • Built in PID Control, Torque Boost Function, Speed Search Function, Speed Skip Function
  • Excellent Starting Torque: 150% @ 0.5Hz in SVVC Mode/150%@1.5Hz in V/F mode
  • AC/DC Input Choke: optional (Recommended for Drive Protection & THD Reduction)
  • 16 Preset speeds with Timer functions for multispeed profile
  • Brake Resistor for Dynamic Braking: External Option (ratings depends on application)
  • Scope Function to assist in commissioning, troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • CE Certified and Compliance with EU RoHS Standards
  • I/Os for BL52 upto 5.5kW H.D/7.5kW N.D:
    • Analog Input-1
    • Analog Output-1
    • Digital Input-4
    • Digital Output-1
  • I/Os for BL50 VFD upto 3.7kW:
    • Analog Input-1
    • Analog Output-1
    • Digital Input-6
    • Relay Output-1
  • I/Os for BL52 VFD from Rang 7.5kW H.D/11kW N.D:
    • Analog Input-2
    • Analog Output-2
    • Digital Input-7
    • Digital Output-1
    • Relay Output-2

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