We are featured in Manufacturing Today’s February issue! News & Events

We are featured in Manufacturing Today’s February issue!

 21 Feb 2020

For its 9th anniversary issue, Manufacturing Today featured quotes from 100 leading manufacturing companies across the functions of CEO, CIO, Supply Chain, Quality Head, R&D, and Plant Heads. The objective was to understand some of out-of-the-box innovations these leaders thought of or executed in 2019, and their plan to carry forward these ideas in 2020, when market conditions improve.

From Bharat Bijlee, Nitin Bansode, our Chief Quality Officer for Industrial Systems, was quoted in the magazine.

Nitin’s quote primarily focussed on how quality management and innovation at BB can together enhance the value we deliver through our products to the evolving and digitally-savvy customers.

In his words, “As customers grow globalised and demanding, the traditional definition of quality – ‘fit for purpose’ – has become a fast-moving target. Companies must develop a culture for continuous improvement across systems and processes.”

Nitin Bansode's featured quote in Manufacturing Today