Overview Human Resources

We are on the journey to take Bharat Bijlee to the next level. We intend to do it by fostering a culture that constantly pushes the boundaries. We value and acknowledge the contributions made by our employees and through various initiatives and programmes we encourage more participation from our employees in building a high performance organization.

Our managerial and technical skills and know-how in the area of electrical engineering is our core competence. Over 7 decades of experience has created a wealth of knowledge and expertise amongst our people. The contributions of our employees to a highly respected brand that we represent in the market are immeasurable.

At Bharat Bijlee the focus is on talent acquisition in line with our growth strategies. Meshing technical cadres seamlessly with management groups keeps the balance that a successful engineering company requires.

Our Work Culture

  • Freedom to experiment and innovate
  • Continuous learning and training
  • Transparency and openness
  • Recognition of performance and potential
  • Opportunities to take on leadership roles

If you wish to be part of and contribute to a pioneering engineering company with a great value system, Bharat Bijlee is the place to be in.