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Bajaj Indef names us ‘Best Adaptive Vendor’

 11 May 2023

We won the ‘Best Adaptive Vendor’ award from our customer Bajaj Indef (Hercules Hoists Ltd) for the FY 2022-23.

We stood out from over 25 shortlisted vendors/suppliers for our quick turnaround in supplying crane duty motors to Bajaj Indef, which helped them deliver their products to end-customers before time.

We recieved the award at the customer’s first Supplier Meet – Amplify, held in Lonavala in April. Our Motors Sales team attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of the organisation from Amit Bhalla, CEO & President, Bajaj Indef.

Bajaj Indef, formerly known as Hercules Hoists, is one of the leading Cranes and Hoists manufacturers in India. Based in Navi Mumbai, the company has been manufacturing material handling solutions over the last six decades.