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SynchroVERT® IE4 Motors

Our new SynchroVERT® range of IE4 motors combines high efficiency with a host of technologically superior features.

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Bharat Bijlee is the first in India to manufacture and introduce Super Premium Efficiency IE4 motor. Branded as SynchroVERT® our range of IE4 motors combine high efficiency with a host of technologically superior features.

Super Premium IE4 class of efficiency as per IS:12615-2011 and IEC 60034-30-1
Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (LSPMSM) technology.


Operates without a VFD.
Remarkably short payback periods.

Bharat Bijlee has always been a front-runner in providing energy efficient motors and automation solutions that help our customers reduce the life-cycle energy costs of their motor-driven systems.

To complement our portfolio of IE2 and IE3 motors, we now introduce - for the first time in India - our new range of SynchroVERT® motors that conforms to the Super Premium IE4 class of efficiency motors. With a remarkably short payback period, they offer significant savings over IE2 and IE3 motors along with a host of technologically superior features.

Global warming and its impact on the environment is an ever-growing concern. Governments and companies across the world are actively seeking solutions to a problem that has the potential to profoundly alter the future of our planet. The ever increasing cost of fuel and electricity adds to the complexity, and directly affects not just industries but entire economies. Renewable energy is only part of the solution.

Electric motors are estimated to consume about 65% of the electrical energy consumed by industry. Moreover, energy costs over the typical life cycle of a motor can be as high as twenty times the original capital cost of the motor. Energy efficient motors thus offer an opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs and their collateral environmental effects. Increasingly, there is a strong economic-and environmental-case for choosing high efficiency motors over conventional ones. Instead of repairing or rewinding a failed motor, organizations may profitably consider replacing them with energy efficient motors or motor driven systems that can bring about significant reduction in energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Motors conform to the following standards defined by IEC 60034-30- 1-2014:

  • Efficiency Class IE1: Standard efficiency.
  • Efficiency Class IE2: High efficiency.
  • Efficiency Class IE3: Premium efficiency.
  • Efficiency Class IE4: Super Premium efficiency.

Bharat Bijlee's SynchroVERT® is a range of Super Premium IE4 class Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (LSPMSM)*. These motors do not need a VFD for operation, unlike most PMSMs, and can easily replace existing squirrel cage induction motors. They offer significant savings over IE2 motors.

Advantages of SynchroVERT®

Key benefits of our IE4 LSPMS motor include:

  • Online starting.
  • Can operate without a VFD.
  • Lossless excitation.
  • High efficiency.
  • High power factor at all loads.
  • No rotor losses.
  • Runs at synchronous speed.
  • Suitable for applications with constant torque below synchronous speed and constant HP above synchronous speed.
  • Multiple motors run at exactly the same speed without VFDs: this eliminates speed encoders for feedback control.
  • Starting currents are lower than in IE2 motors; starting torque values are similar to IE2 motors.

As these are synchronous motors, the rated speed is synchronous i.e. 1500 RPM. With this motor, a pump or fan will run at about 3% higher speed and it will give much higher discharge/air delivery. Hence if the pump or fan is already fully loading the motor, it cannot be used unless the impellor is redesigned or it is used along with a VFD drive.

In other applications, the higher speed results in more output of the product, eg, spinning frames, textile machines, etc.

Product Range

Type Frame Power (kW)
IE4 Super Premium Efficiency 112 to 225 1.5 to 45