At Bharat Bijlee we have always been at the forefront of providing energy efficient
motors and automation solutions that help our customers reduce the life-cycle energy
costs of their motor-driven systems. We now introduce - for the first time in India - our
new SynchroVERT® range of Super Premium IE5 class Line Start Permanent Magnet
Synchronous Motors (LPMSM)*


Our new SynchroVERT® range of IE5 motors combines high efficiency with a host of technologically superior features

Super Premium IE5 class of efficiency as per IEC 60034-30-1-2014

Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (LSPMSM) technology

without a VFD

Remarkably short payback periods


SynchroVERT® IE5 motors offer significant savings over IE2 and IE3 class motors.
Use our calculator below to find out energy savings and payback period.

Annual Energy Saving in kWH

Annual Saving in Rs.

Incremental Investment of IE5 over

No. of years
No. of months

Energy Saving in lifetime in kWH

Energy Saving in lifetime

Energy Saving in lifetime with annual increase in tariff rate

* Savings depends on efficiency of existing motor, load conditions and supply conditions.


Bharat Bijlee

Bharat Bijlee is a leading Electrical Engineering company, headquartered in Mumbai India. Established in 1946, its primary business segments include Transformers, Projects, Electric Motors, Elevator Systems and Drives & Automation.

Our Motors are used across industries and applications and are designed to operate reliably, with low life cycle costs no matter how challenging the process or application. We provide a complete range of Motors – from 0.12 kW to 1250 kW. Today, well over 2 million Bharat Bijlee Motors serve Indian agriculture and industry. To know more please visit our website.