EOHS Policy Investor Relations

At Bharat Bijlee we consider Safety, Occupational Health and Environment protection an integral part of our business.

We are committed to the Safety and Occupational health of our employees and others acting on our behalf through our commitment to prevention of ill health and injury. We are committed to protect the environment in which we operate through our commitment to prevention of pollution.

We shall foster a culture of EOHS awareness and responsibility amongst employees and those acting on our behalf. We shall build competency in our employees and empower them to achieve our EOHS objectives.

We shall strive towards continual improvement by:

  1. Complying with all applicable EOHS principles, Laws and regulations.
  2. Establishing a system for periodical assessment of our EOHS goals and taking corrective actions wherever applicable.
  3. Establishing a process of Proactive EOHS risk Assessment during entire development, Manufacturing, projects and process cycles.
  4. Ensuring active participation and consultation of our employees in driving EOHS process on sustainable basis.
  5. Conducting our operations in an environmentally sound manner while reducing waste and ensuring safe handling, storage, usages and disposal of all substances that may be damaging health or the environment.
  6. Working towards conservation of natural resources while conducting our operations.
  7. Ensuring that appropriate emergency response system are in place.


Nakul Mehta                                                                                             February, 2021
Vice Chairman & Managing Director