Overview Magnet Technology Machines

In 2007, Bharat Bijlee became the first Indian manufacturer of Gearless Machines for Elevators. The construction industry’s growing awareness of energy efficiency and environment friendliness offered a latent opportunity for innovation in the overlapping domain of rotating machines and elevator drive engineering applications.

Bharat Bijlee’s GreenStar range of Permanent Magnet gearless machines are suitable for machine-room less applications and are relatively maintenance free. Additionally, they offer energy savings of upto 30%.

Based on the application, three product variants are offered to our customers:

  • GreenStar: For multi-storied buildings
  • GreenStar Mini: Home lift for bungalows
  • GreenStar Max: For high capacity loads upto 5000 kg capacity

This division is now a domestic leader in elevator drive solutions, and also exports gearless machines to Europe and South America via our partner Permagsa.

In 2016, the division was renamed as Magnet Technology Machines division to leverage our competencies in Permanent Magnet motor technology in applications beyond elevator machines. The repurposing of the division is in line with our vision and strategy to address a larger market and address increasing opportunities for this technology in the long-term.